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Our goal is mass 
adoption of 
decentralized and token governed technologies

We build $BIT-powered products on Ethereum, including Mantle Layer 2

DAO Mantle

ETH Holdings

Our treasury holds 269,947 ETH that can be used to support $BIT-powered products, and aligns us with Ethereum success.

Next Product Idea

Visit our forums to propose ideas for the next $BIT-powered product.

We fund initiatives that drive ecosystem adoption

BitDAO is the governance and resource management module of the $BIT Ecosystem

All decisions, from launching new initiatives, to transferring and recalling treasury resources, assigning and modifying powers to operating teams, and implementing corrective actions, are subject to proposals and voting by $BIT token holders.

As stewards of a significant treasury, and with the power to shape economic outcomes of $BIT products, we prioritize a value-oriented mindset, transparency, and accountability.

How the treasury grows

The treasury grows through performance of $BIT powered products, ecosystem partner success, and the increasing value of assets held.